We are Naruto Kurumaebi. Our CEO, Seiji Inui and 10 college students part-time-job employees harvest Kurumaebi (shrimp) in a pond right next to our company.


We devote ourselves to our community to harvest tasty shrimps and spread locally harvested food all over Japan. Our shrimps are GMO-free and non-artificial. You can enjoy authentic taste of Naruto food.


We have a shrimp tour which you can catch and eat them! Our CEO will explain how shrimps are harvested and give a little talk about history of NARUTO KURUMAEBI.  Tour video is here!!!


Shrimp catching tour ¥1620 per adult, ¥864 per child  (tax included)

Shrimp fishing 6 shrimps ¥300 (tax included) 


You can also send Kurumaebi to your family and friends. (Domestic only)


Customers for shrimp harvest experience are from all over the world, (Thai, USA, UK, Brazil, China, South Korea, Australia)


If you are interested in Naruto Kurumaebi, feel free to contact me! I will accompany with you as a translator. 

naruto.english.ryo@gmail.com (PR manager Ryo Tanaka)